Studio MWA


Environmentally Sustainable Design or ESD as it is known, from establishment of our studios is one of our main goals, which focuses upon thinking towards a better future for us as individuals and even more importantly for all of us as part of community. We have always done it, we are doing it and we will always do it. This is the minimum we can to do as professionals, but at the same time as ordinary people too.
Hence it is an important part of our overall design philosophy and we feel its imperative that it is incorporated as a primary initiative into our projects, to achieve the best we can. For us as design a team, it is part of our everyday work and not used as a fashionable or stylish scheme.

We strongly believe and it is our vision that a sustainable approach and environmentally sensible design are important ingredients in quality architecture and we are proud to show it in our each and every project.

For us as a team, principles of ESD , such as the orientation of building, use of natural light, natural ventilation, use of passive solar energy, use of natural ,recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and finishes, external effective sun protection, reduction of energy consumption, providing living and working comfort without sacrificing the environment of spaces, use of energy and water efficient systems and recycling, waste management and recycling are an integral part of our every design.

We are devoted by our designs to minimize negative effects on the environment, but at the same time creating better and healthier spaces for our clients, whatever it is for, office, library, holiday home, family home, renovation, industrial building, church, kindergarten, motel or something new that we shall design in the future.

This sustainable approach to our designs, we strongly believe should not cost more. We are part of an overall eco system and as intelligent individuals we should work constantly on environmental protection and preservation and not be environmentally irresponsible. It is our and the next generations’ future and we all as individuals, with our collective input can make it a better future for all. Through our work we are seeking alternative solutions to balance the energy resources we use in our everyday life and we bring this innovative spirit to all of our projects.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

- Native American Proverb