Studio MWA


Studio MWA Ltd and davor mikulcic architects as a collaborative team are Wellington and Brisbane based, design focused practices, lead by principal and design director Davor Mikulcic.

We are - creative, innovative, successful, cosmopolitan - Architectural Studios, committed to deliver top quality design on variety of projects for all our clients. In our visionary approach, we highly appreciate and value input from our clients, consultants and others involved on our Projects.

Our studio philosophy is very simple; we believe as a group of different individuals with different cultural backgrounds, education, working experience, creativity and ability, that only through hard work, collaboration, extensive discussion and research, involving consistent exploration and challenging ourselves, can we gain freedom to express our ideas, visions and achieve extraordinary and quality design.  All our designs are site specific and we strongly believe that one of the main ingredients for good design is a result of a good understanding of the site and context.

Our designs are collaborative achievements of the entire team involved on each project. Each and every opinion counts, with the vision to achieve the best we can.

We believe and it is our studio culture, that each and every project must have very strong IDEA.

Experience confirmed many times, that the relationship with our clients determines the true success of any project. That's why we encourage strong communication with our clients from the outset and value the ongoing exchange of needs, ideas, and insights. Good communication engenders trust.

We strongly believe in “a hands on”  approach to all our projects from inception to completion. Only with this approach the essence and power of our ideas and design can be achieved.

We do not make fashion architecture with etiquette style. We believe in pragmatic, but at the same time visionary architecture. Our aim is not produce conventional and predictable architecture or for that matter,  abstract architecture that does not have any connection with existing world, context and reality. We strongly believe there is plenty of space between these two extreme approaches, to express our vision for a better human future.

Our each and every project, responds directly to a pragmatic and professional criteria while constantly investigating new and different interpretations to ensure an outcome of excellence.

We maintain this ongoing philosophy of making clear, sculptural architectural solutions in all of our Projects, from interior architecture to urban design.

We strongly believe that a creative, functional and environmentally sensible approach; with a focus on each and every detail, are key ingredients to produce quality design.

Absolute commitment to our philosophy and principles ensure our ongoing success.
“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the

Things you didn't do than by the things you did do.

So throw off the bow lines.

Sail away from the safe harbour.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.




- Mark Twain