Studio MWA


The Wellington based Studio MWA Ltd and davor mikulcic architect from Brisbane as collaborative architectural practices are lead by Davor Mikulcic as the Principal architect. We are a team consisting of internationally educated, creative, innovative individuals with an extensive international working experience in the field of architecture, interior design, urbanism, industrial design, research and development.

In our studios we integrate architects, interior designers, planners, CAD specialists, and model makers, as a team collaborating to achieve the best design result we can achieve for our clients. Using modern Information technology, we simultaneously work on the same project from different parts of world. We find it interesting, quite unique and with opportunity to further enrich the quality of our designs.

Our work consists of residential, commercial, public, industrial and urban design projects, interior design, research and University teaching.

Our projects are predominantly located in the South Pacific region with some projects in Europe. As cosmopolitan studios with international working experience and international education, we find that as we are influenced by this multicultural exchange, with the use of this international exchange we are in constant evolution, searching out ways to achieve excellence in design in an ever changing world.

We are as human beings all different, and we strongly believe that our design solution has to be specific and individually orientated and reflects the individual requirements of our client. We are very passionate about design, and through our creative process we require all involved with us on our projects to show the highest level of creativity, enthusiasm, innovation, creative thinking, and passion to have same goal as we do - to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Our creative process and sharpening our ideas is usually a collaborative process involving other consultants, quite often through already established relationship working with them on previous projects. We like to work with them as partners who contribute, to refining our ideas. For us they are part of our team with our can do approach.

We understand the complexities involved in delivering a project on time and within budget and work to investigate alternative strategies, welcoming input from clients and specialist consultants.

We are a teams, committed to delivering top quality design and projects for all our clients.

Our vision is:
• Understanding and finding solution for design problems and our clients’ needs
• To provide high performances in all areas of design – architectural, interior, industrial and urban design.
• Deliver superior architectural services from the Initial client meeting to completion of the project and post-occupancy.
• We highly value quality input from our clients, consultants and contractors
• We develop concepts ,based on extensive international experience whilst keeping an open mind to the advent of new innovations

"If I worry all the time about what other people are going to think about my work, I will never do anything”.

- DaVoR