Studio MWA
Scales models or how often people call it Physical models are, together with free hand sketches and computer modeling, our essential and predominant tools, we used working on each and every project. Benefits to have Physical models are huge and invaluable, particularly for our clients to visualize and understand Project and our ideas, for us as design team, same as for consultants involved on Project and later through construction process for everyone else involved. Some examples of Scale models illustrated here are just small part of our work. They have value at every stage of design process and quite often they evolve as design evolves. Often quite few models for same Project are produced prior final version is adopted. We are using different materials, medias, tools and technique through process of making models to express our ideas. Quite often our models are very basic, rudimental, but in scale and enough eloquent for us as team to discuss it, clarify, visualize, understand, evaluate, critique and …………… inspired to “push” design and ideas even further.