Studio MWA
Computer renderings are quite often “representation” what one day after completed, project will looks like. We are using this technique through our studios quite extensively and each and every project from very early stage on, elaborate our ideas.
Computer generated 3D images, quite often combined with “photomontage”, we use to illustrate, particularly to our clients, authorities, consultants, etc. how building will “settle” in existing context after completed.
We are using variety of software depend on type of project, scale, context, etc. Quite often to do it properly is required combination few different software, to achieve the best output. Most of our clients, very much appreciate this technique too.

From start working on design, our goal is to help our clients to understand very well our ideas and designs and eliminate any unseen or hidden detail. Our clients know from start that they will be able to visualize future project from inside and out and make personal comments and input, prior it will come to stage that will be constructed.
Through design process this tools like overall computer modeling, help us to test variety of our ideas, materials and finishes and their impact on overall design, help us through testing environmental constrains, give us opportunity to explore variety of possible constructions, ……………etc.
Computer renderings we used through entire design process, particularly through concept – Preliminary design stage of Project. We found through experience that it is useful tools even through develop design stage (particularly for kitchen and bathrooms detail design, office fit-out designs, furniture design etc.
As part of Detail design – Construction documentation, quite often we are incorporating computer renderings, to help different treads people involved on project to understand what we would like to achieve and how.